Beach House

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Beach House - Sydney, NSW


Doors and windows were constructed using large brass angles welded together to form the outside face of the doors and windows. The glass was then placed on the inside edge of the brass angle and then held in place with our Tallowood sashes.

When researching this project with Peter Stutchbury Architect and Bellevard Constructions we found it has been many decades since a brass window or door had been made. They were also only small traditional size windows. On this project we built sliding doors 2300mm high x 4300mm wide x 75mm thick weighing over 300kg per door. I believe these are the most technically advanced windows and doors our company has ever manufactured.

The Beach House project was located in Newport near Sydney and was completed in 2005. The builders were Bellevard Constructions and the Architect on this project was Peter Stutchbury. Bakers Joinery suppiled the doors, windows, shutters and screens. 

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